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The RChain Cooperative and its partners are building a public, Sybil-resistant, and censorship-resistant computing utility. This is an open source project. It will be a blockchain-based platform for specifying, verifying, building, and running decentralized protocols (“smart contracts”) that form the base for decentralized applications. On top of this technology platform, a broad array of solutions can be built, including financial services, monetized content delivery networks, marketplaces, governance solutions, DAOs, and RChain’s own flagship decentralized social platform.

President of The RChain Cooperative
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Secretary of The RChain Cooperative

Today’s Casper Standup - we discussed the power object construction as it relates to OSLF.

Last week’s Casper Standup looked at a reputation calculation called esteem.


RCAST 114 Last Friday we discussed the largest storm in the history of Nicaragua, the National Flood Insurance Program’s debt, RChain’s Casper as permissioned or permissionless, Facebook’s systemic problem, and data and communication of Covid-19.

Today's Community Debrief - Digital Accreditation Wallet:

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Soft CapN/A Hard Cap15 000 000 USD