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  • Raccoon Swap
    Raccoon Swap Airdrop is worth 1,550,000 RCO tokens (~$ 50) for the first 10,000 participants to celebrate the launch of the Raccoon Ecosystem. About Raccoon Swap Raccoon Swap Multichain Dex AMM is a new DeFi protocol under the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Raccoon Swap Multichain Dex AMM allows user to exchange any assets from multiple blockchains using […]
  • PolkaDomain
    PolkaDomain Airdrop is worth 200,000 NAME tokens, 25% to [.eth] ENS owners and 75% to randomly selected participants.  About PolkaDomain PolkaDomain is an interoperable and decentralized blockchain naming service with an integrated domain and NFT marketplace built on Polkadot. The NAME Token serves as a utility token facilitating payments and governance inside the Polka.Domain ecosystem. NAME token can be obtained […]
  • PancakeSwap
    PancakeSwap Airdrop is worth a Limited edition 3D Animated "Bullish" Lunar New Year NFT for the first 8,888 that made profiles. If you were one of the first 1900 people, you also got a Special edition "Hiccup" NFT! About PancakeSwap PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with lots of other features that let you […]
  • GasFarm
    GasFarm Airdrop is worth 100 GFT tokens (~$ 10) for completing all tasks. Invite your friends to earn 25 GFT tokens (~$ 2.50) for each referral.  About GasFarm GasFarm is a rewarding platform that pays back part of the Ethereum Gas fees spent in a decentralized exchange/swap. In other words, it is an Ethereum gas token collector that will […]
  • Cross USD
    Cross USD Airdrop prize pool is worth 100,000 cUSD tokens (~$ 100,000) to all eligible participants. About Cross USD Cross USD is the Very First Cross-chain algorithm stable coin integrated on HUOBI Eco Chain and Binance Smart Chain. The basis is an algorithmic stable coin protocol where the money supply is dynamically adjusted to meet changes in money demand. The Basis protocol […]
    KLOMP Airdrop is worth 100,000 KLOMP in total for the first 2,000 participants. About KLOMP KLOMP is a new effective and secure DEFI platform with a new generation of virtually automated market maker (AMM), providing guaranteed liquidity and supporting a variety of tokens, including trending NFT tokens. The Klomp token (KLOMP) is primarily a utility token, created to govern and […]
  • Opensea Traders
    Opensea Traders Airdrop is worth one OSTNFT as well as 1 OST token for each eligible address.  About Opensea Traders Opensea Traders is an ERC-20 and NFT Airdrop for everyone that traded via Opensea in Q1 2021.
  • Smaugs NFT
    Smaugs NFT Airdrop is worth 200,000 SMG tokens (~$ 5,200) in total which will distributed among 20 lucky winners.  About Smaugs NFT Smaugs NFT is a complete custom DeFi, governance and NFT ecosystem that works on fully decentralized smart contracts. One of the differences from other marketplaces is that it sends NFT Token gifts to its users randomly. Also, since it […]
  • EdxSwap
    EdxSwap Airdrop is worth 10 EDX Tokens (~$ 50) each for 1,500 Lucky partcipants. About EdxSwap EdxSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens. The Education Exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the BSC. On top of […]
  • DappRadar x Streamr
    DappRadar x Streamr Airdrop is worth 30,000 free DATA tokens (~$ 7,200) for 500 lucky winners. About DappRadar x Streamr Streamr is an open-source, crowdfunded, decentralized platform for real-time data. The big difference to comparable data frameworks is that Streamr aims to be decentralized and peer-to-peer. There are plenty of advantages to decentralization. Instead of a centralized party, the Network is run by its […]
  • ClarkSwap
    ClarkSwap Airdrop is worth 500 CLSW tokens (~$ 50).  About ClarkSwap ClarkSwap is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token and is the utility token on the ClarkSwap App. Buy, Swap, Stake, Trade & HODL multiple Crypto on ClarkSwap App.  Key Features: - 4% fee auto-added to the liquidity pool and locked forever when selling thereby increasing the liquidity pool. […]
  • AEX Exchange
    AEX Easter Gifts Activity Day 1 & Day 2 prize pool is worth 5,000 XYM tokens (~$ 2,100) and 8,400 ARPA tokens (~$ 1,150) for the participants who answered correctly during Activity Days.  About AEX Exchange Founded in 2013, AEX is the earliest batch of exchanges, and it has been nearly 8 years. As an important part of the circulation and transaction of […]
  • MurAll
    MurAll Airdrop is worth 1,048,576 PAINT tokens (~$ 2,100) for eligible NFT Artists, and NFT holders can claim 193,537 PAINT tokens (~$ 400).   About MurAll MurAll is a digital collaborative mural/canvas/wall measuring 2048 pixels by 1024 pixels (2097152 pixels in total) that anyone anywhere can draw on. There are no restrictions on what can be drawn. The entire ethos of […]
  • Liquifi
    Liquifi Airdrop prize pool is worth 100,000 LQF tokens.  About Liquifi Liquifi is a Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange that has all functions of an ordinary liquidity pool DEX with some traits of order book DEX that allow traders to get better exchange rates and give arbitrageurs new profitable opportunities. Liquifi has an advanced automatic market maker (AMM) model that […]
  • Citizen Finance
    Citizen Finance Airdrop is worth rare NFT in-game assets to its Citizens. Citizens will be able to own a rare piece of NFT Gem by performing simple social media tasks. Earn rare NFT, Become a Citizen of Meta City and help save the districts! Citizens with the highest invites will be rewarded with a different class of […]
  • QoinIQ
    QoinIQ Airdrop Contest is worth $40 in QoinIQ tokens to 2,000 randomly chosen lucky winners who have completed all the tasks. There is also a Referral contest with a leaderboard. Invite friends to win one of the following prizes: 1st Place: $1,500 in QoinIQ tokens 2nd Place: $1000 in QoinIQ tokens 3rd Place: $750 in QoinIQ tokens […]
  • Mogul Productions
    Mogul Productions Early Adopter Distribution Program 400,000 STARS tokens (~$ 240,000) to be distributed to reward 20,000 lucky users through a raffle system. Each user that wins the raffle will be given 20 STARS tokens in their Mogul Smart Wallet. Get your first STARS token for Free! About Mogul Productions Mogul Productions is a decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) platform that brings creators, […]
  • IQeon
    IQeon Games Marathon Contest is worth a prize pool of 900 IQN tokens (~$ 2,222), in which each participant can receive a guaranteed prize! About IQeon IQeon is an Estonian blockchain startup that has developed gaming PvP platform integrating games, applications and services based on intelligent competitions between users created to help players monetize their in-gaming achievements. IQeon is the first Gaming […]
  • 1INCH
    The 1INCH Airdrop Referral Program is worth Free 1INCH tokens for creating volume through a referral link share. When someone uses 1inch exchange to swap, that transaction incurs a Fee. This extra is distributed to governance participants (Stakers). Referrals also get a part of that percentage, around 28% today. It is impossible to predict how many tokens you can get as each transaction […]
  • SubDAO
    SubDAO Airdrop Event is worth 40,000 GOV & 5,000 USDT in total. The top 2,000 participants on the leaderboard will get 20 GOV each, and Top 10 winners on the leaderboard will share a 5,000 USDT giveaway. About SubDAO  SubDAO is a Cross-chain Platform built by SubDAO Labs to link DAO and DApp on Polkadot. It will be the infrastructure to maintain […]

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